What to Expect When You're Expecting New Dentures

How exciting it is to start the new year with new teeth! If you are someone who is excitedly awaiting the arrival of their new dentures, you know that the countdown is on until they arrive. However, life with new dentures does take a little getting used to. So that you are not taken completely by surprise once they appear, here are three differences you will experience once you start wearing your new dentures.

Top 3 Reasons to Get Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment

Almost everyone wants to keep their teeth looking white and lustrous the natural way, but that's not always possible. Pearly whites can become discoloured due to aging and other reasons beyond the control of a person, and fixing the problem can make a big difference in the patient's appearance and confidence.   Cosmetic dentists fix discoloured teeth every day, and they have plenty of options for treating the problem. One of the popular treatment options for discoloured teeth is laser teeth whitening.

How to safely play sports with braces on: Precautionary steps

While you can continue to lead a normal life even with braces on, what happens when you want to join a rugby or basketball team? Many people wonder how they can safely engage in sports while wearing braces. Do you have to wait until your orthodontic treatment is over? Are there any safety precautions you can take? This article will answer these important questions. The risk of not protecting yourself

How to Help Your Child Choose the Right Brace Colour

When your child has their metal braces fitted, they may be given a colour chart and told to choose a shade for their O-rings, the small bands that hold brace wires in place. Rather than relying on your child to make a snap decision in the chair, have a chat about how they feel about colour on their braces before the fitting appointment. This helps your child choose a colour they can live with.

4 Reasons to Get a Professional Cleaning from Your Dental Hygienist

Everyone knows how important it is to see their dentist, but far fewer understand the benefits of regular visits to their dental hygienist for professional teeth cleaning. These dental professionals specialise in scaling and polishing the teeth, and they can do things during a professional cleaning session that you can't do at home. Here are just four reasons why you should arrange cleaning with your dental hygienist.   1. Sharpen Up Your Technique

Demystifying the Common Myths Surrounding Fluoride and Dental Health

The conversation about the importance of proper dental health as early as possible has been going on for a while. Dentists have many massive gains in enlightening the people about the role that diet, and especially getting the right vitamins and minerals, plays in getting perfectly healthy and durable teeth. One of the minerals that have been a source of endless debate and speculation in dental health is fluoride. Here are some of the myths that surround this mineral and the truth about its role in dental hygiene.

3 Preventive Steps To Protect Your Kids From Getting Cavities

As a parent, it's natural to worry about your kids getting cavities. Cavities are not only painful at times, but they also mean frequent trips to the dentist. Cavities occur because of teeth decaying thanks to prolonged exposure to sugary foods and drinks. When sugar sits on teeth for too long, it becomes acidic, which erodes teeth. The good news is that you can follow some preventive steps to protect your kids from getting cavities ahead of time.

Importance Of Dental Checkups

Oral health is an important part of everyone's life. It is possible to do daily dental cleaning at home. Going for regular checkups is a good way to confirm that your oral hygiene routine is working. It is advisable to visit a dentist every six months. However, very few individuals think it is important to go to a dentist for an appointment. Here are five reasons why you should see your dentist regularly.

Two tips for those who are about to undergo orthodontic treatment

If you're about to be fitted with orthodontics, here are two tips that should help to ensure that you are pleased with the end results of the treatment process. Don't get into the habit of postponing your adjustment appointments Everyone who undergoes orthodontic treatment needs to have their braces adjusted approximately once every few weeks. Whilst occasionally, you may find yourself needing to postpone one of these appointments, it is important not to get into the habit of doing this on a regular basis.

Handy Aftercare Tips Post Root Canal Treatment

One of the standard procedures that dentists have to perform on their patients is root canal therapy. This type of  treatment is imperative when the pulp inside your tooth develops an infection, which subsequently puts the integrity of your tooth at risk. Moreover, any bacterial infections in the pulp could quickly spread to other parts of your mouth, such as gum tissue, so it is prudent to have the issue fixed as soon as you discover it.

The Types and Procedures Involved with Dental Implants

In the past, a lost tooth due to old age, trauma, or any other reason, left you with a gaping hole in your dental formula. This blank would either be left bare or have a denture occupy the space. Today things are different though; dental implants are as now a suitable alternative to false teeth and dentures. These implants involve fitting a metal rod on the patient's jawline and then placing an artificial tooth in the gap left by the former tooth.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Tips

It's a common occurrence to get the wisdom teeth out; most people undergo surgery as young adults or teenagers. This procedure is a major one, and it requires adequate recovery time. Before you can go to the dentist for your appointments, below are key things you need to know before extraction. Come with a friend It's wise to bring someone with you while going to the dentist or the oral maxillofacial surgeon office.

Knowing When It's Time to Get Braces

Braces are an important form of orthodontic treatment for both children and adults who have problems with proper teeth positioning. Identifying early warning signs for requiring braces can help you achieve oral health with minimal complications moving forward. Indeed, the earlier you know you will probably need braces, the better you can plan for them to be placed. If you pay attention to the following warning signs, you can plan to visit your dentist early to determine if you will need braces.