Wisdom Tooth Removal Tips

It's a common occurrence to get the wisdom teeth out; most people undergo surgery as young adults or teenagers. This procedure is a major one, and it requires adequate recovery time. Before you can go to the dentist for your appointments, below are key things you need to know before extraction.

Come with a friend

It's wise to bring someone with you while going to the dentist or the oral maxillofacial surgeon office. Other than offering moral support, your buddy will assist because you'll be medicated due to the surgery too.

You will first get a local anaesthetic for numbing the area where the tooth is to be removed. Depending on the teeth that need to be removed or if a tooth is erupted or impacted, you might also get a general anaesthetic. This renders you unconscious throughout the wisdom tooth removal surgery.

Remember that different people react to anaesthesia differently, but you will not feel like yourself immediately and won't be able to take yourself home. The medication effects wear off after some hours.

Rest well

You will require medication once the anaesthesia wears off. Ensure you take it easy as you use the heavy drugs by resting. Get plenty of sleep; this helps with the healing process.

Keep the head raised

The natural reaction you will experience after surgery is swelling. Usually, the swelling reaches its peak 24 hours after the surgery and then it begins to subside. Place a cold compact on this swollen area and ensure you keep the head raised. This pulls fluids away from the head and controls the swelling.

Purchase soft foods

You need not aggravate the treated area; this ensures that the area heals properly and you avoid infections. Your food choices should be limited to soft foods such as lukewarm soup and applesauce. In case you haven't stocked your cupboards and refrigerator, do so, with right foods.

Avoid brushing for one day

Although you want to ensure that your mouth is clean after the procedure, resist the urge to clean your teeth on the first day. Rinsing and spitting aren't allowed as well. When you need some relief, consider taking a damp cloth to wipe the tongue, and around the mouth. Be sure to avoid touching the stitches. Also, you may take some gauze if any blood needs to be absorbed.

These pointers will help you have a better wisdom tooth removal experience and recovery.