How to Help Your Child Choose the Right Brace Colour

When your child has their metal braces fitted, they may be given a colour chart and told to choose a shade for their O-rings, the small bands that hold brace wires in place. Rather than relying on your child to make a snap decision in the chair, have a chat about how they feel about colour on their braces before the fitting appointment. This helps your child choose a colour they can live with.

Does Your Child Want to Make a Statement?

O-rings come in a variety of colours, some of which are bright and vibrant. Rather than hiding metal braces, colourful O-rings can make braces stand out more. If your child isn't bothered about showing off their braces and wants a splash of colour, then they might be happiest with a brighter choice.

For example, some kids choose bright O-rings in their favourite colours or even go for a fluorescent shade. You can also have different colours used on a brace at the same time. Some kids use this to replicate their favourite sport team's colours; others go for a rainbow effect.

Tip: Some brace colours, such as green or black, don't always make your smile stand out in the best way. Black on braces can make teeth look rotten from a distance; dark green colours may make it look like your child has food stuck in their teeth.

Does Your Child Prefer to Blend In?

Some kids don't want to draw attention to their braces. If your child would rather blend in rather than stand out from the crowd, then a clear, white, cream, silver or plain metallic option may suit them better. While these colours don't hide braces, they make them look less obvious.

Tip: If your child favours clear or white colours, ask your orthodontist if food might stain the rings. Some rings are more likely to stain if you eat a lot of highly coloured foods, giving them a tint that your child might not like.

Your original choice of brace colour doesn't have to be the last. Your child should be able to switch colours whenever they have their brace wires changed or tightened. So, if they initially choose a shade that they end up not liking, or if they get comfortable enough to go for a bolder look, then they can switch things up later.

If your child isn't sure which brace colour to choose, then ask your orthodontist for advice. They will be able to help you work out which colours work well and which ones might not be such a good idea.