Top 3 Reasons to Get Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment

Almost everyone wants to keep their teeth looking white and lustrous the natural way, but that's not always possible. Pearly whites can become discoloured due to aging and other reasons beyond the control of a person, and fixing the problem can make a big difference in the patient's appearance and confidence.  

Cosmetic dentists fix discoloured teeth every day, and they have plenty of options for treating the problem. One of the popular treatment options for discoloured teeth is laser teeth whitening. As the name suggests, laser teeth whitening involves whitening teeth with lasers. It may sound scary at first glance, but it's quite the contrary.

Continue reading on below to learn about the amazing benefits that laser teeth whitening can deliver. 

1. It's quick

One of the major drawbacks of traditional teeth whitening systems at the dental clinic is that you had to sit in the dental chair for a couple of hours to have your teeth whitened. Laser teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that can be performed in less than an hour. Light from lasers generates heat energy, which catalyses the performance of the bleaching agents for faster bleaching action. 

Thanks to laser whitening treatment, patients can now walk out of the dental office with brighter smiles faster than ever before.

2. It's effective

Laser teeth whitening isn't just a quick way to whiten teeth – it's also highly effective. Thanks to the power of the laser, stains are removed to the core, leaving patients with teeth that will remain white for a long time.

3. It's minimally invasive

If you thought teeth whitening is a painful dental procedure, you were wrong. The procedure doesn't involve any piercing and isn't intended for your gums. Before commencing treatment, your dentist will apply desensitising gel to your gums. The purpose of the gel is to prevent irritation of the gum tissues. You'll also need to wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from the light of the laser. 

Your dentist will then dexterously focus the light of the laser on the surface of your teeth until they achieve the best whitening results. Aside from the slight soreness you may feel post-procedure, the entire process is almost painless. 

Laser whitening treatment isn't meant for everyone. Whether or not laser whitening treatment is right for you is up to a cosmetic dentist to determine. Schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist today to know if this teeth whitening treatment option suits you.