Do You Need Dental Services? 4 Types of Dentists To Choose From For Your Case

Most people run to a general dentist for all their dental problems. But did you know there are other dentists trained in treating specific conditions? They major in dental services like tooth alignment, tooth replacement and braces among other services. In fact, there are times your general dentist may refer you to one of these other dentists for specialised treatment. 

Generally, all dental specialists have to attend additional training on top of the normal dental training that all dentists undergo. With that said, the following are different types of dentists to help you pick the right professional for your dental condition. 

Pedodontist Dentist

Pedodontist dentists are also referred to as paediatric dentists. This is because they are responsible for fixing your child's oral problems. As you may well know, kids tend to be intimidated by dental visits. That is why pedodontists go through additional years of dental training to learn how to handle children-focused appointments. Apart from that, their dental offices are often set up for children because their environments are quite welcoming. Even the tools are not the typical ones you find in a general dental office. All these are meant to make your child relax during their visit to the dentist. So if you have a child, it is best to bring them to these dental specialists.

Orthodontist Dentist

Orthodontists deal with misaligned teeth, jawbones and any other facial parts that support your dental formula. As such, they use tools like dental trays for teeth alignment, facemasks, retainers, headgear and braces to improve your bone structure for a better bite. Teeth alignment cuts across all age groups so that you can undergo this dental procedure, whether you are a child, a young person or an older adult. 


An endodontist normally handles anything that affects the pulp of your tooth. More often than not, your pulp likely has cavities. However, it may also be damaged due to trauma. As a result, an endodontist will do a root canal, a procedure that involves drilling and removing the affected tissues. Afterwards, they will fill the area with special rubber materials.

Periodontist Dentist

If you have any type of gum disease like gingivitis, a periodontist is the right person to see. Not only do they treat gum problems, but they also offer preventative care. Additionally, they are trained in maintaining, repairing and placing dental implants. They often work closely with general dentists to prevent gum disease in patients. 

Next time you have a dental problem, be sure to check this list to know which oral health specialist you should visit. Even so, take good care of your teeth to avoid teeth issues that could tamper with your normal life.