What Should You Do If You Lose Your Dentures?

Accidentally losing personal items is generally more of an inconvenience than a tragedy. You've lost your wallet or your keys before, probably. It's an annoyance, and even a security risk, but you can cancel your credit cards and get your locks changed, and these hurdles can be overcome without too much fuss. There's another item, arguably even more personal, where the loss can be more of a problem. What should you do if you lose your dentures?

Look, Look, and Look Again

Obviously, you need to do everything you can to find your lost dentures. Ransack your home and look for them. They're not only an essential item for your everyday life but also represent a considerable financial investment. 

Wait and Hope

Don't give up so quickly. Just because you didn't find them on your first attempt, that doesn't mean that they're lost forever. By giving it a little time, you might even recollect just where you saw them last, allowing you to refocus your search efforts. 

In the Meantime

If you're facing a period of time without dentures, you will need to make certain adjustments. You will be limited to soft foods until your dentures have been found or replaced. You might also need to delay any social or professional responsibilities. You probably won't want to face friends, family, and colleagues without your teeth, and your speech will also be affected. Keep looking though.

If You Find Them

If your dentures should turn up, it's advisable to soak them in water or a denture-cleansing solution before you put them back into your mouth. The functionality of dentures relies upon constant exposure to moisture, whether this is via immersion in liquid or by being in your mouth. Dentures that have been lost can easily dry out and become brittle and even misshapen. It's not as though they need to be soaked overnight before you can wear them, but soak them for as long as your schedule permits. And don't forget to give them a thorough cleaning.

If You Can't Find Them

There will come a point where your dentures will need to be officially classified as gone. In this instance, a replacement will be needed, so contact your dentist or denturist as soon as possible to discuss your options.

If This Has Happened Before

Perhaps your dentures have gone on a walkabout before, although you've always been fortunate enough to locate them once again. You have a couple of options if lost dentures have become a habit:

  • You can ensure that they're always stored in the same place in your home (when they're not in your mouth). This should be a glass of water or denture-cleansing solution that should be kept in precisely the same location in your home, without fail.
  • You could also upgrade to implant-supported dentures. This involves the implantation of several support bolts into your jaw, and the dentures can then be permanently attached to these bolts. They never leave your mouth and as such can never be lost.

Lost dentures can certainly feel more like a tragedy than an inconvenience. It's something you should try your best to avoid!