Why See a Holistic Dentist to Have Amalgam Fillings Removed?

If you have some old metal fillings, then you may have decided to have these fillings removed and replaced. You're aware that mercury-based amalgams can cause problems, so you want them out of your mouth.

While any dentist can do this for you, it's worth considering using a holistic dentist to do this job. Why?

Get Expert Removal Techniques

Not all dentists feel the same way about amalgam fillings. Some see them as being safe; others aren't quite so keen on them.

If a dentist doesn't view these materials as problematic, then they will remove them like any other filling. While this gets the metal filling out of your mouth, you may not feel comfortable with a standard approach if you're worried about the effects of being exposed to mercury amalgams.

Holistic dentists treat the removal of amalgam fillings with more care. They want to take these fillings out as safely as possible to avoid any problems.

So, for example, a holistic dentist will take extra measures to protect you during a filling's removal. They protect your mouth with a rubber dam and specialist suction to make sure you don't accidentally swallow any of the amalgam or its vapour as it is broken up.

Holistic dentists also remove amalgam fillings more carefully. They don't simply drill the filling out, which breaks it into lots of pieces.  They break these fillings into fewer larger pieces to minimise mercury exposure. So, all in all, you may feel more comfortable having your old metal fillings removed in a holistic dentistry clinic.

Get Safe Future Treatments

As well as removing metal fillings safely, holistic dentists use general treatments that may make you feel more comfortable if you worry about standard dental products and treatments. Holistic dentists work hard to avoid using any toxic materials.

So, you can be sure that the dentist will replace your old amalgams with non-toxic alternatives. Also, they will integrate dental treatments into your overall health and wellbeing. They look at your health as a whole before they recommend any treatments.

Typically, these dentists prefer to use non-invasive processes wherever possible. So, for example, they might only use x-rays when absolutely necessary or they might use air abrasion machines instead of standard drills during fillings.

If you feel that this approach is a better fit for your lifestyle, contact a local holistic dentistry clinic, such as John Golbarani, and ask about their services and ethos.