Three Reasons Why Your Child's Gums Bleed When They Brush

Children may have occasional problems with their teeth, but you don't really expect them to have issues with their gums. If your child tells you that their gums are bleeding when they brush or if you notice blood in the sink when they spit out, then you'll worry that something is seriously wrong.

Sometimes, bleeding isn't a problem; however, it can be a sign of a gum complaint that needs treatment. Why are your child's gums bleeding?

1. Injury

Bleeding on the gum may not always mean that your child has a serious problem. Sometimes, gums get damaged and take a little time to heal. If this happens, they may bleed when they are brushed for a day or two.

For example, if a piece of food has caught in the gum, then it may have made a scrape. If your child fell over, then they may have cut their gum a little. In these cases, the bleeding should stop when the gum heals.

2. Brushing Issues

If your child's teeth aren't being cleaned well enough, then their gums suffer. If bacteria get into the gum line, it can cause swelling and bleeding.

If you're still cleaning your child's teeth, then you may need to check that you're covering their gum line as well as the teeth. If your child has recently started to clean their own teeth, then you should go over good brushing practices again to get them up to speed.

Older children may simply have got too relaxed about their oral hygiene. They may need a reminder that they should be brushing around the gum line as well as the teeth at least twice a day. Sometimes, lax brushing isn't the problem. If your child takes dental health seriously, they may be over-brushing their teeth. Brushing too hard can make gums bleed.

3. Hormonal Issues

Children in puberty sometimes experience problems with their gums. Their hormones are changing, and this can make their gums more susceptible to damage.

During this period of their lives, children can get swollen or bleeding gums because the blood in the area is circulating a bit wildly.

While your child's bleeding gums may not be a sign of a serious problem, you should take your child to a family dentist if the bleeding lasts for more than a couple of days or if you aren't sure why it is happening. Kids can get gum disease just like adults, so an early dental check is a good idea.