Having Fuller Lips Using Facial Fillers: 3 Tips for Achieving Natural Results

Thanks to celebrities like Kylie Jenner, full and plump lips are all the rage nowadays. Depending on the type of facial fillers you choose, you can expect the fillers to last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. Semi-permanent and permanent fillers can give you even longer lasting results. The techniques used to inject the facial fillers can profoundly affect how natural the results are. For the most natural results possible, consider these 3 tips.

Plump Area Surrounding Lips as Well

If you don't want to have that cartoonish effect that is a telltale sign of lip injections, you'll want the technician to inject some of the fillers in the area surrounding your lips as well. This will plump up your lower facial region, but will help your lips stand out less and look more natural. You can use this opportunity to inject facial fillers to conceal wrinkles and fine lines for a younger look all around.

Respect the Anatomy of Your Lips

Although facial fillers can make your lips appear plumper and more full, they cannot and should not be used to completely change the natural shape of your lips. You have to respect the anatomy of your lips and have the facial fillers be injected evenly everywhere. This means that the natural anatomy and shape of your lips will be retained. In short, if you've never had a pronounced cupid's bow, facial fillers can't help you artificially alter the shape of your lips so that you do.

Get Micro Injections for Smoother Results

Take the procedure nice and slow. Although you'll need more injections, bear through the process and get micro injections instead. This means that only small amounts of the filler will be injected at once. This helps the technician better control how the filler is distributed in your lips and will lead to smoother results without any lumps or bumps. Injecting only small amounts of fillers at a time will also allow the technician to correct any problems that emerge during the treatment. 

Facial fillers are a temporary fix that can give you plumper and fuller lips. Look at the before and after photographs that various technicians can offer to gauge the experience and craftsmanship of each professional. It's vital that the professional walks you through the entire process, so that there won't be any surprises later on. You should have a good idea of what to expect before you proceed.