Dental Visits | 3 Preparation Steps To Get Maximum Value From Your Teeth Whitening Procedure

Everybody wants a great smile, including you. So, a teeth whitening procedure at the dentist may be exactly what you need to get an enviable set of pearly whites. Stained teeth declare poor oral hygiene, apart from looking unsightly. This guide aids you with smart preparation steps to get maximum value from your teeth whitening procedure at the dentist.

Get Professional Teeth Cleaning A Few Weeks Before The Teeth Whitening Procedure

The best thing to do a few weeks before teeth whitening is to get professional teeth cleaning to remove tartar, bacteria and other implanted deposits that don't disappear with just flossing and brushing. You should ideally do this a few weeks in advance because the cleaning procedure typically leaves your mouth feeling sensitive. Undertaking this procedure in advance will ensure that your mouth is fully recovered in time for the teeth whitening procedure at the dentist. Keep in mind that teeth whitening solutions are less effective when you have tartar and plaque on your teeth because the gel doesn't adhere well to the enamel, so professional teeth cleaning is highly recommended to get the most value from your dental whitening procedure.

Brush Teeth Using Desensitising Toothpaste

You should ideally use desensitising toothpaste for a few weeks before your teeth whitening procedure because teeth typically get sensitive when light-activated heat pulses around your mouth. Desensitising toothpaste is effective for blocking pores. These pores serve as passageways for chemicals and heat to penetrate into your nerves, heightening the feeling of sensitivity. Although extra tooth sensitivity after a whitening procedure is not painful, it can be incredibly irritating for a little while after your visit to the dentist. To avoid this, moving to desensitising toothpaste is ideal for the short term.

Choose A Convenient Time For Your Teeth Whitening Procedure

Keep in mind that any teeth whitening procedure takes a couple of hours, depending on the extent of your discolouration, so you should ideally choose a convenient time with your dentist. If your discolouration isn't too bad, then the procedure may not take too long, but if it's exceptionally bad, then you may have to schedule multiple sessions. You will need to plan convenient times because you don't want to hurry the procedure. For instance, if you work morning shifts, then an evening appointment may be best. If you work late in the evening, then a day appointment may work for you. Some dentists also provide weekend services for clients who are busy through the week.

Follow these key preparation steps in your quest to get maximum value for your teeth whitening procedure at the dentist.