Beyond Teeth: How Getting Dentures Will Improve Your Overall Health

Do you see dentures as an unfortunate inevitability? Have you been putting them off for as long as possible? It's time to change your outlook. First and foremost, temporary and permanent dentures replace lost or pulled teeth - but that's not all they do. Did you know that dentures also provide numerous benefits to your overall mental and physical health? You might see getting dentures as a negative, but they could actually improve your life significantly.

Still on the fence? Take a look at these four ways getting dentures will improve your general health – you may just find yourself booking an appointment at your local denture clinic before you know it.

Improved Nutrition & Weight

A study by the Canadian Obesity Network recently linked tooth loss to obesity, and it's no surprise why. Missing teeth can easily lead to a diet with no variety or balance. Have you ever found yourself struggling to eat hard foods, such as fruits or raw vegetables? This can lead to malnutrition as well as obesity. Getting dentures will improve your bite function, allowing you to eat a wider range of foods from all essential groups. This boost in nutrients will help you achieve or maintain healthy weight and body function. 

Better Digestive Health

Did you know that chewing is essential to good digestive health? When you're missing teeth, it's not just your ability to chew tougher foods that's affected. You may have found that it's difficult or even impossible to thoroughly chew any food. This is even more of a struggle if you're missing your molars or pre-molars. By replacing these teeth with dentures, you'll find your chewing ability is restored, improving your overall digestive function. Goodbye, indigestion!

Higher Self Esteem

Ever felt upset with your appearance or speech because of your missing or decayed teeth? This self-esteem issue can easily lead to anxious and depressive thoughts. Getting dentures doesn't just result in skin-deep improvements to your looks – it improves your mental health too. You'll soon find that you no longer avoid speaking or smiling. And, as you may know, smiling has its own health benefits, including increased happiness and decreased stress.

Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Considering dentures because of tooth decay? Cavities and decay can irritate the gum, leading to gingivitis (gum disease). Evidence suggests that gingivitis may be linked to heart health problems. Aside from reducing infection in your mouth, removing your teeth in favour of dentures could also lower your chances of getting heart disease. 

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