How You Can Make Your Child Feel More Relaxed About Seeing a Dentist

Many children are uneasy about going to a dentist's and it is your role as a parent to help that child feel comfortable about making that trip. However, some first time parents do not know what they can do to get their child to have a more pleasant experience at the dental clinic. This article discusses some measures you can take to make your child have a better experience during his or her dental visit.

Pick a Paediatric Dentist

Paediatric dentists are dentists who specialize in overseeing the dental health of children. Why should you choose this specialist? Paediatric dentists have lots of experience in calming down children during dental visits so your child will be in very capable hands. Additionally, paediatric dental clinics are set up with kids in mind so the place will be appealing to your child. For instance, the office may be painted in bright colours that many kids find attractive. Such an environment can go a long way in making your child have a more pleasant dental visit.

Talk to the Child

Another way to make your child's dental visit more pleasant is to prepare that child mentally for it. Do this by talking to your child about the upcoming dental visit. Explain what is likely to happen (such as the dentist asking him or her to open the mouth so that the teeth can be seen). This talk will give the child an idea of what to expect so he or she may be less anxious during the visit to the dental clinic.

Arrange a Sneak Preview

This is most helpful if your child will be visiting the dental clinic for the very first time. Ask the dentist to allow you to pass by with the child just before his or her dental visit is due. This 'preview visit' will enable the child to get familiar with the environment, and when you bring him or her later on then he or she may be less anxious since it will no longer be a new place.

Stay With the Child

Toddlers are likely to feel less anxious if the dentist examines or treats them in the presence of their parent. This is because the presence of the parent (together with the verbal reassurances given) will create a sense of security in the mind of the child. You should therefore remain and carry the child or hold his or her hand throughout the visit.

Use the tips above and ask a dentists from a clinic like South Side Dental Options what more can be done to make the visit as pleasant as possible. What you do at this stage may help your child to form positive attitudes towards dental care so do not leave anything to chance.