Transcending Smile Shyness with Adult Braces and Laser Dentistry

3 Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Implants

You have considered getting implants instead of dentures and are almost ready to have the procedure done. After ascertaining the cost, whether or not your insurance will cover the procedure of dental implants, and how long the procedure will take, you are ready to go. however, there are a few last minute concerns you may […]

How to Choose Between Crowns and Veneers

When you want a better smile, you might look to your dentist to discover different types of cosmetic dental procedures. To cover teeth that are misaligned, oddly-shaped or discoloured, both crowns and veneers will help you out. While they have many similarities, there are some reasons to choose one or the other. Here are some […]

Does Bottled Water Harm Your Teeth?

Although bottled water may not contain the same damaging ingredients as flavoured soft drinks, it may still not be the best regular drinking option for your teeth. If you tell your dentist that you usually drink bottled rather than tap water, you may be advised to switch. Why do dentists prefer you to use your tap […]