Transcending Smile Shyness with Adult Braces and Laser Dentistry

Invisalign and Gum Disease: How You Can Still Use Invisalign Even If You Have Gum Disease

In Australia, gum disease affects around a fifth of the adult population. Gingivitis and its more serious cousin; periodontitis, can mean that any future plans you may have had for dental treatment must be put on hold until your gum disease is treated, and symptoms reduced to manageable levels.  No matter what age you are, […]

Three Common Causes of Yellow Teeth in Children

Yellow teeth in children can be a cause of worry. You might wonder if they’re indicative of a wider problem, or a sign that you’re doing something wrong. Children themselves may be distressed by the appearance of their teeth, particularly as they reach school age. Teasing from other children could damage their self-esteem and cause […]

Why Your New Baby Needs to See a Paediatric Dentist Early On

Because dentistry is a patient-specific profession, there are many types of specialty dentists practising the trade. This is important because dental patients have different needs, and they come in different ages. Paediatric dentists specialise in caring for the dental needs of children. As soon as your infant’s first tooth sprouts, they will be a candidate […]

4 Things That Can Ruin Home Tooth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments. However, if you are planning to use a home whitening product, you should be aware that if your dental health is not excellent, the procedure may have disappointing results. Below is a list of four dental health issues that can affect the success of […]